Pre-Holiday Art Sale !

Many new and familiar faces stopped by BBBP this month to share their artwork with us and with you, totaling more than 60 artists...

Andrea ARROYO  ||  ANITA  ||  Anjali BHARGAVA  ||  Annalisa IADICICCO  ||  Antonio ORTUÑO  ||  Anthony TREMBLAY  ||  BARA Ø  ||  Blanka AMEZKUA  ||  Catherine KUNKEMUELLER  ||  Chanika SVETVILAS  ||  Chinitas YON  ||  Chris BORS  ||  Christine GEDEON  ||  Christopher KUHL  ||  Clarisel GONZALEZ  ||  Concetta PREVITTE  ||  Dannesa USHER  ||  David HUMPHREY  ||  Elena "Mamarazzi" MARRERO  ||  Elsa GARZON  ||  Elliot TOOLEY  ||  Emcee C.M. MASTER OF NONE  ||  Emily STEDMAN  ||  Esperanza CORTÉS  ||  Fanny ALLIÉ  ||  Fanny ALEXANDROPOULOS  ||  Felipe GALINDO  ||  Francisco ALVARADO-JUÁREZ  ||  Francisco OSORIO  ||  Gabriela ALVA CAL Y MAYOR  ||  Hatuey RAMOS FERMÍN  ||  Heather SAUNDERS  ||  Jeanne VERDOUX  ||  Jessica LAGUNAS  ||  John AHEARN  ||  Johnathan NEAL  ||  Jorge ROJAS  ||  Juanita LANZÓ  ||  Julien GARDAIR  ||  Keliy ANDERSON-STALEY  ||  Ketta IOANNIDOU  ||  Laura NAPIER  ||  Lina PUERTA  ||  Linda CUNNINGHAM  ||  Liza KAHANE  ||  Mariano CINAT  ||  Luis D. ROSADO  ||  Mario VIÑAS  ||  Maryana OLIYNKYK  ||  Mary Joy SCOTT  ||  Matthew BURCAW  ||  Melissa A. CALDERÓN  ||  Michael PRIBICH  ||  Nancy BENIGNUS  ||  Nathalie TROVATO  ||  OLEK  ||  Philippe AVILA  ||  Raul HOFER TORRES  ||  Renzo ORTEGA  ||  Roni MOCAN  ||  SALIAS  ||  Saroska CONDE  ||  Sol ARAMENDI  ||  Sujin LEE  ||  Tommy MINTZ  ||  Tyko KIHLSTEDT  ||  Ursula ENDLICHER  ||  Valérie HALLIER  ||  Vidal CENTENO  ||  Vince CONTARINO  ||  Vittorio OTTAVIANI  ||  Wanda RAIMUNDI-ORTIZ  ||  Will CORWIN  ||  Willie WEABER-BEY  || 

...all to be part of this month's art sale and celebration at the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project.  We announced it as a PRE-HOLIDAY ART SALE but in reality, it has been the coming together of a wide array of styles that now adorn not only the blue bedroom but also the living room and hallway.   So we hope that you will allow yourself to be surprised, captivated and hopefully enchanted by the work of these artists.  Art price range is $100-500, but a handful of artists decided to differ.  In the spirit of the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project all proceeds go directly to the artists.

Dates to keep in mind :

Saturday November 7th from 12-8pm

Live music from 4-6pm

Suggested but not required: bring a treat or drink to share with us during the opening.


BBBP Bronx Culture Trolley Stops :

Hop on the trolley and enjoy attractions at some of the hottest cultural spots along the lower Grand Concourse on

Wednesday November 4th
Saturday November 21st

For more information:

To accommodate the sale, please note that BBBP will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-6, other days by appointment only.

The Bronx Blue Bedroom Project events are made possible with public funds from The Bronx Council on the Arts through the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Greater New York Development Fund Regrants Program, Bronx borough president Adolfo Carrion, The Bronx Delegation of the City Council, Bx 1 Indie Arts Program and with the generous support of the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.