Plum blossom is beautiful.
Blossom is temporary.



"I wonder if this was all done by hand" from women, "I wonder how big the crew was" from men are almost sure to follow as the hapless gallery-goers venture further into the room.

The SPLAT! of colors hits you in the face.  Often clashing in such an obvious way that it instantly tunes you in to the presence of severely cheeky humor.  A moment later the fatigue of labor creeps into your fingers as a coal miner's work ethic is revealed.  Hundreds of miles of crocheted, weaved, and often recycled materials are the fabric from which the wild and occasionally wearable structures of her fantasylands are born.

All of the five senses become more important as my audience being amongst miles of crochet develops new ways of interacting with the piece, realizing that their response greatly impacts the art and ways I change these moving forms over time.  Their response is the art, and my work is a mirror.

Sunday November 2 - November 28, 2008

Please join us for the opening on Sunday, November 2, 2 - 5pm.

...Also note that BBBP is one of the Bronx Culture Trolley Stops on Wednesday November 5, at 5pm... 

Feel free, but not obliged, to bring a drink or treat to share with us, at the opening..