My space: Bronx, an inter/action


Jorge Rojas

Jorge is interested in environments where communicative and social encounters between the public and the artist/artwork can take place.  "My space: Bronx" is the third installment of a series of interactive pieces entitled "Live Gestures".  When an environment is created where there is reciprocity between audience and the artwork/artist, the exchange that takes place shifts from passive to active.  This interactivity blurs the distinction between artist and viewer, and the concept of "otherness" begins to dissolve.  The work becomes less about who made it, and more about the shared experience.

In My Space: Bronx, he invites the public (of all ages) to take part in a collaborative painting which will encompass all of the surface area of the Blue Bedroom.  This project, which incorporates painting and new media such as video and web casting, explores three main issues : how technology is changing the way we communicate; how we view and interact with art and each other; and the importance of process in art and our daily lives.  Ultimately, "My space: Bronx" celebrates human interaction and participatory experience.

The process will be captured through video and transmitted live online through, an online video and live broadcasting website.  People unable to attend this one-time event can tune in through to view the process and interact.

Saturday, October 4 - October 27, 2008

Please join us for the opening on Saturday, October 4 from 12 noon to 12 midnight...

Advice: visitors wishing to participate during the opening should come equipped with an old t-shirt or other clothes they don't mind getting paint on.

Feel free, but not obliged, to bring a drink or treat to share with us, at the opening..